Monday, May 28, 2012

HUGE Texas Sized Giveaways!

Hey yall!  Just wanted to let ya know that we have some pretty awesome giveaways going on this week.  Click on the pictures to enter!  Good luck!

My Beautiful, Crazy Life

This giveaway is not only the May Group Giveaway but is a graduation celebration as well :)
These lovely ladies have all donated items graciously to my fabulous readers!
This wouldn't of been possible without them, and I'd like to say thank you!
17 prizes= 17 winners :]

The Grant Life
I am so excited to have 500 followers friends!  Even more excited that yall have stuck with me for a year of blogging.  I appreciate every single comment, email and tweet.  I have become a blogging momma and its because I have YOU to support me!  THANK YOU! 

I am so excited to announce that I've paired up with ili Designs to bring you this awesome giveaway! One of the many reasons that I love their colorful accessories is that the majority of them are made with recycled materials. Who doesn't love being green?! 
Check out more of ili Designs at
P.S. Each item is handmade in Hawaii. :) 


  1. Thanks for the great link up, fellow Texan~

  2. thanks for these links! i have a giveaway coming up tomorrow! can you post it here too? (i'm a houston blogger)

  3. love it darling! Wanna follow each others blog?:X

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